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Triangle symbols are a common type of symbol used in mathematics, science, typography, graphic design and etc.Triangle symbols are fundamental geometric shapes that are used to represent angles and lines to polygons and trigonometry.

Triangles are often used to represent various elements or compounds. The triangle symbol is frequently used in chemistry to denote the presence of a delta or change in a chemical reaction or compound. Triangles are also commonly used in physics to represent vectors or forces.

Triangle symbols are used in typography and graphic design. In logo design, triangles are often used making them a popular choice for businesses and organizations.

In addition to their use in mathematics, science, and design, triangle symbols have also been used in various cultures and traditions to convey a range of meanings and symbolism. In Hinduism, the downward-facing triangle is a symbol of the divine feminine or Shakti, while in Freemasonry, the triangle represents the perfect balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

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