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Musical symbols are set of symbols that represents musical notation used to convey various musical elements and instructions. They are used in written music, including sheet music, to indicate the timing, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and expression of a musical piece.

Musical symbols are used to indicate dynamics, such as crescendos and diminuendos, as well as expression, such as staccato, legato, and vibrato. These symbols are used to convey the character and emotion of a musical piece and can greatly affect the way it is performed and interpreted.

Musical Symbol Name Of Musical Notes/Symbol Unicode
𝅝Whole NoteU+1D15D
𝅗𝅥Half NoteU+1D15E
𝅘𝅥Quarter NoteU+1D15F
𝅘𝅥𝅮Eighth NoteU+1D160
𝅘𝅥𝅯Sixteenth NoteU+1D161
𝅘𝅥𝅰Thirty-second NoteU+1D162
𝅘𝅥𝅱Sixty-fourth NoteU+1D163
𝅘𝅥𝅲One Hundred Twenty-eighth NoteU+1D164
Flat SignU+266D
Natural SignU+266E
Sharp SignU+266F
𝄀Single BarlineU+1D100
𝄁Double BarlineU+1D101
𝄂Final BarlineU+1D102
𝄃Reverse Final BarlineU+1D103
𝄄Dashed BarlineU+1D104
𝄅Short BarlineU+1D105
𝄆Left Repeat SignU+1D106
𝄇Right Repeat SignU+1D107
𝄈Repeat DotsU+1D108
𝄉Dal SegnoU+1D109
𝄊Da CapoU+1D10A
𝄍Repeated Figure-1U+1D10D
𝄎Repeated Figure-2U+1D10E
𝄏Repeated Figure-3U+1D10F
𝄑Fermata BelowU+1D111
𝄒Breath MarkU+1D112
𝄖One-line StaffU+1D116
𝄗Two-line StaffU+1D117
𝄘Three-line StaffU+1D118
𝄙Four-line StaffU+1D119
𝄚Five-line StaffU+1D11A
𝄛Six-line StaffU+1D11B
𝄜Six-string FretboardU+1D11C
𝄝Four-string FretboardU+1D11D
𝄞G ClefU+1D11E
𝄟G Clef Ottava AltaU+1D11F
𝄠G Clef Ottava BassaU+1D120
𝄡C ClefU+1D121
𝄢F ClefU+1D122
𝄣F Clef Ottava AltaU+1D123
𝄤F Clef Ottava BassaU+1D124
𝄥Drum Clef-1U+1D125
𝄦Drum Clef-2U+1D126
𝄩Multiple Measure RestU+1D129
𝄪Double SharpU+1D12A
𝄫Double FlatU+1D12B
𝄬Flat UpU+1D12C
𝄭Flat DownU+1D12D
𝄮Natural UpU+1D12E
𝄯Natural DownU+1D12F
𝄰Sharp UpU+1D130
𝄱Sharp DownU+1D131
𝄲Quarter Tone SharpU+1D132
𝄳Quarter Tone FlatU+1D133
𝄴Common TimeU+1D134
𝄵Cut TimeU+1D135
𝄶Ottava AltaU+1D136
𝄷Ottava BassaU+1D137
𝄸Quindicesima AltaU+1D138
𝄹Quindicesima BassaU+1D139
𝄺Multi RestU+1D13A
𝄻Whole RestU+1D13B
𝄼Half RestU+1D13C
𝄽Quarter RestU+1D13D
𝄾Eighth RestU+1D13E
𝄿Sixteenth RestU+1D13F
𝅀Thirty-second RestU+1D140
𝅁Sixty-fourth RestU+1D141
𝅂One Hundred Twenty-eighth RestU+1D142
𝅃X NoteheadU+1D143
𝅄Plus NoteheadU+1D144
𝅅Circle X NoteheadU+1D145
𝅆Square Notehead WhiteU+1D146
𝅇Square Notehead BlackU+1D147
𝅈Triangle Notehead Up WhiteU+1D148
𝅉Triangle Notehead Up BlackU+1D149
𝅊Triangle Notehead Left WhiteU+1D14A
𝅋Triangle Notehead Left BlackU+1D14B
𝅌Triangle Notehead Right WhiteU+1D14C
𝅍Triangle Notehead Right BlackU+1D14D
𝅎Triangle Notehead Down WhiteU+1D14E
𝅏Triangle Notehead Down BlackU+1D14F
𝅐Triangle Notehead Up Right WhiteU+1D150
𝅑Triangle Notehead Up Right BlackU+1D151
𝅒Moon Notehead WhiteU+1D152
𝅓Moon Notehead BlackU+1D153
𝅔Triangle-round Notehead Down WhiteU+1D154
𝅕Triangle-round Notehead Down BlackU+1D155
𝅖Parenthesis NoteheadU+1D156
𝅗Void NoteheadU+1D157
𝅘Notehead BlackU+1D158
𝅙Null NoteheadU+1D159
𝅚Cluster Notehead WhiteU+1D15A
𝅛Cluster Notehead BlackU+1D15B
𝅥Combining StemU+1D165
𝅦Combining Sprechgesang StemU+1D166
𝅧Combining Tremolo-1U+1D167
𝅨Combining Tremolo-2U+1D168
𝅩Combining Tremolo-3U+1D169
𝅪Fingered Tremolo-1U+1D16A
𝅫Fingered Tremolo-2U+1D16B
𝅬Fingered Tremolo-3U+1D16C
𝅭Combining Augmentation DotU+1D16D
𝅮Combining Flag-1U+1D16E
𝅯Combining Flag-2U+1D16F
𝅰Combining Flag-3U+1D170
𝅱Combining Flag-4U+1D171
𝅲Combining Flag-5U+1D172
𝅻Combining AccentU+1D17B
𝅼Combining StaccatoU+1D17C
𝅽Combining TenutoU+1D17D
𝅾Combining StaccatissimoU+1D17E
𝅿Combining MarcatoU+1D17F
𝆀Combining Marcato-staccatoU+1D180
𝆁Combining Accent-staccatoU+1D181
𝆂Combining LoureU+1D182
𝆃Arpeggiato UpU+1D183
𝆄Arpeggiato DownU+1D184
𝆅Combining DoitU+1D185
𝆆Combining RipU+1D186
𝆇Combining FlipU+1D187
𝆈Combining SmearU+1D188
𝆉Combining BendU+1D189
𝆊Combining Double TongueU+1D18A
𝆋Combining Triple TongueU+1D18B
𝆔Grace Note SlashU+1D194
𝆕Grace Note No SlashU+1D195
𝆘Inverted TurnU+1D198
𝆙Turn SlashU+1D199
𝆚Turn UpU+1D19A
𝆛Ornament Stroke-1U+1D19B
𝆜Ornament Stroke-2U+1D19C
𝆝Ornament Stroke-3U+1D19D
𝆞Ornament Stroke-4U+1D19E
𝆟Ornament Stroke-5U+1D19F
𝆠Ornament Stroke-6U+1D1A0
𝆡Ornament Stroke-7U+1D1A1
𝆢Ornament Stroke-8U+1D1A2
𝆣Ornament Stroke-9U+1D1A3
𝆤Ornament Stroke-10U+1D1A4
𝆥Ornament Stroke-11U+1D1A5
𝆨End Of StimmeU+1D1A8
𝆩Degree SlashU+1D1A9
𝆪Combining Down BowU+1D1AA
𝆫Combining Up BowU+1D1AB
𝆬Combining HarmonicU+1D1AC
𝆭Combining Snap PizzicatoU+1D1AD
𝆮Pedal MarkU+1D1AE
𝆯Pedal Up MarkU+1D1AF
𝆰Half Pedal MarkU+1D1B0
𝆱Glissando UpU+1D1B1
𝆲Glissando DownU+1D1B2
𝆳With FingernailsU+1D1B3
𝆵Damp AllU+1D1B5
𝆹Semibrevis WhiteU+1D1B9
𝆺Semibrevis BlackU+1D1BA
𝆺𝅥Minima BlackU+1D1BC
𝆹𝅥𝅮Semiminima WhiteU+1D1BD
𝆺𝅥𝅮Semiminima BlackU+1D1BE
𝆹𝅥𝅯Fusa WhiteU+1D1BF
𝆺𝅥𝅯Fusa BlackU+1D1C0
𝇁Longa Perfecta RestU+1D1C1
𝇂Longa Imperfecta RestU+1D1C2
𝇃Brevis RestU+1D1C3
𝇄Semibrevis RestU+1D1C4
𝇅Minima RestU+1D1C5
𝇆Semiminima RestU+1D1C6
𝇇Tempus Perfectum Cum Prolatione PerfectaU+1D1C7
𝇈Tempus Perfectum Cum Prolatione ImperfectaU+1D1C8
𝇉Tempus Perfectum Cum Prolatione Perfecta Diminution-1U+1D1C9
𝇊Tempus Imperfectum Cum Prolatione PerfectaU+1D1CA
𝇋Tempus Imperfectum Cum Prolatione ImperfectaU+1D1CB
𝇌Tempus Imperfectum Cum Prolatione Imperfecta Diminution-1U+1D1CC
𝇍Tempus Imperfectum Cum Prolatione Imperfecta Diminution-2U+1D1CD
𝇎Tempus Imperfectum Cum Prolatione Imperfecta Diminution-3U+1D1CE
𝇐Gregorian C ClefU+1D1D0
𝇑Gregorian F ClefU+1D1D1
𝇒Square BU+1D1D2
𝇚Porrectus FlexusU+1D1DA
𝇛Scandicus FlexusU+1D1DB
𝇜Torculus ResupinusU+1D1DC
𝇝Pes SubpunctisU+1D1DD
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