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Hand Symbols and emojis are symbols that represent various hand gestures or actions. They have become a popular way to express emotions, reactions, and ideas.

One of the most commonly used hand emojis is the "thumbs up" emoji 👍. It is used to indicate approval, agreement, or appreciation. Similarly, the "thumbs down" emoji 👎 is used to show disapproval or disagreement.

Another popular hand emoji is the "OK" hand emoji 👌. This emoji is made by forming a circle with the thumb and index finger, while holding the other fingers straight. It is commonly used to signal that everything is good or okay.

The "raised fist" emoji ✊ is often used to symbolize solidarity, resistance, or protest. It is commonly used in social justice movements and political activism.

The "clapping hands" emoji 👏 is used to indicate applause, congratulations, or appreciation. It is often used to show support or admiration for someone's achievements.

Huge collection of hand symbols and emojis to copy paste anywhere you want. Simply click on an Hand symbol to copy it to the clipboard and you can then paste it anywhere. There are thousands of cool cool symbols to choose from.