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Geometric symbols are a set of symbols used in mathematics, geometry, and other fields to represent various geometric shapes and concepts. Geometric shapes include Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Delta, Angle etc. Here are some commonly used geometric symbols:

  • ∠ - The angle symbol represents an angle formed by two lines or line segments that meet at a point.
  • △, ▲ - These symbols represent a triangle, with the tip pointing upwards or downwards.
  • ○, ● - These symbols represent a circle, with an empty or filled-in interior, respectively.
  • ⊥ - The perpendicular symbol represents a line or line segment that is perpendicular to another line or line segment.
  • ∞ - The infinity symbol represents the concept of infinity, or something that has no end or limit.
  • ≅ - The congruent symbol represents two geometric shapes or figures that are congruent, meaning that they have the same size and shape.
  • ≠ - The not equal symbol represents two geometric shapes or figures that are not equal, meaning that they have different sizes and/or shapes.
  • ∆ - The delta symbol represents the difference between two values, or a change in a variable.

Geometric symbols are used in a variety of contexts, including mathematics, engineering, architecture, and graphic design. They allow us to represent complex geometric concepts and shapes in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

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