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Unit Symbols are a set of characters that represent different types of units of measurement, such as length, mass, time, and temperature, and are commonly used in scientific and technical contexts.

Unicode Unit Symbols include a range of different symbols, such as:

  • Meter: m
  • Kilogram: kg
  • Second: s
  • Kelvin: K
  • Ampere: A
  • Candela: cd
  • Mole: mol
Weather Symbols Name Of Weather Symbol Unicode
White Sun SunnyU+263C
Black Sun Clear WeatherU+2600
Cloudy WeatherU+2601
Sun Behind Cloud Partly CloudyU+26C5
Thunder Cloud And Rain ThunderstormU+26C8
🌤White Sun With Small Cloud Mostly SunnyU+1F324
🌥White Sun Behind Cloud Mostly CloudyU+1F325
🌦White Sun Behind Cloud With Rain ShowersU+1F326
🌧Cloud With RainU+1F327
🌨Cloud With Snow Snow, Snow ShowersU+1F328
🌩Cloud With LightningU+1F329
🌪Cloud With Tornado TwisterU+1F32A
Umbrella Rainy WeatherU+2602
Umbrella Showery WeatherU+2614
Snowman Snowy WeatherU+2603
Snowman Light SnowU+26C4
Black Snowman Heavy SnowU+26C7
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