Chess Symbols and Card Symbols To Copy Paste ♚♞ ♕ ♠♦

Collection of Chess Symbols and Card Symbols to copy paste anywhere online. Chess symbols include Chess King, Queen, Knight, Bishop, Pawn,Rook. Card Symbols include Spade, Clubs, Diamond and Heart.
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Chess symbols are a set of symbols used to represent the pieces in the game of chess. The symbols represent the six types of chess pieces - king, queen, rook, bishop, knight, and pawn. These characters include the white and black chess pieces, as well as symbols for check, mate, and other important chess concepts.

Card symbols are a set of symbols used to represent the four suits in a deck of playing cards - hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. These characters include the four suits, as well as symbols for jokers and card backs.

Chess/Card Symbol Name Of Chess/Card Symbol Unicode
White Chess King U+02654
White Chess Queen U+02655
White Chess Rook U+02656
White Chess Bishop U+02657
White Chess Knight U+02658
White Chess Pawn U+02659
Black Chess King U+0265A
Black Chess Queen U+0265B
Black Chess Rook U+0265C
Black Chess Bishop U+0265D
Black Chess Knight U+0265E
♟︎ Black Chess Pawn U+0265F
Black Spade Suit U+02660
Black Heart Suit U+02665
Black Diamond Suit U+02666
Black Club Suit U+02663
White Spade Suit U+02664
White Heart Suit U+02661
White Diamond Suit U+02662
White Club Suit U+02667
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