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𐊠 𐊡 𐊢 𐊣 𐊤 𐊥 𐊦 𐊧 𐊨 𐊩 𐊪 𐊫 𐊬 𐊭 𐊮 𐊯 𐊰 𐊱 𐊲 𐊳 𐊴 𐊵 𐊶 𐊷 𐊸 𐊹 𐊺 𐊻 𐊼 𐊽 𐊾 𐊿 𐋀 𐋁 𐋂 𐋃 𐋄 𐋅 𐋆 𐋇 𐋈 𐋉 𐋊 𐋋 𐋌 𐋍 𐋎 𐋏 𐋐

The Carian script writing system was used to write the Carian language. The Carian script is notable for its unique set of characters, which are distinct from those used in other ancient writing systems of the region. The script is written from right to left and consists of approximately 50 characters, many of which are ideograms (symbols that represent whole words or concepts).

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