Armenian Alphabets, Letters and Symbols To Copy Paste

Armenian Alphabets, Ligatures and Unicode Symbols to copy paste
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Ա Բ Գ Դ Ե Զ Է Ը Թ Ժ Ի Լ Խ Ծ Կ Հ Ձ Ղ Ճ Մ Յ Ն Շ Ո Չ Պ Ջ Ռ Ս Վ Տ Ր Ց Ւ Փ Ք Օ Ֆ ՙ ՚ ՛ ՜ ՝ ՞ ՟ ՠ ա բ գ դ ե զ է ը թ ժ ի լ խ ծ կ հ ձ ղ ճ մ յ ն շ ո չ պ ջ ռ ս վ տ ր ց ւ փ ք օ ֆ և ֈ ։ ֊ ֍ ֎ ֏

Armenian script, which is used to write the Armenian language, is an important component of Unicode. Armenian script includes a wide range of characters, including letters, numbers, and punctuation marks, as well as symbols for currency, mathematical operations, and other purposes. The Armenian alphabet consists of 38 letters, each of which has its own unique shape and sound.

In addition to the standard Armenian script, Unicode also includes support for other scripts used in the Armenian language, such as the Eastern Armenian script and the Western Armenian script. These scripts have slightly different characters and are used in different regions and contexts.

Armenian script also includes support for various ligatures and combining marks, which are used to create complex characters and accents. These features allow for more precise representation of the Armenian language, including its distinctive pronunciation and grammar.

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